Home Ventilation Systems

Green Sheep's home ventilation systems provide low energy solutions to combat problems like dampness, condensation, mould, and timber rot. Our Tauranga-based team offers a range of SmartVent systems, including Positive Pressure and Balanced (True Heat Recovery). Whether you need a ventilation system for 1, 2 or 6 rooms, we can help.

Many older homes are poorly ventilated. Every day we cook, we shower and we do our washing. All these activities produce moisture and without good ventilation, it builds up and remains trapped inside. It's possible for a family of 4 to put about 30 litres into their home each day.

Even with modern airtight houses, it's just as important that the performance of the chosen ventilation method is right for the job otherwise condensation, dampness and poor indoor air quality will become a problem. At Green Sheep our ventilation systems provide a long-term cost effective solution.

Whether you are planning a new build or looking to retro fit your home our ventilation systems will ensure you enjoy improved air quality and a comfortable, healthy living environment. We offer a tailored design and installation service to suit your needs.

Book an assessment with us to find out which home ventilation system will work best in your home. We offer a free home assessment in Tauranga and throughout the Bay of Plenty, as well as in Waikato and Auckland. We pride ourselves in our professional, friendly and personal service. Our SmartVent home ventilation systems have the potential to transform your home and your quality of life. 

Home Ventilation Systems