GreenWool Roll-Form R2.4 (Walls) 10sqm bag

GreenWool Roll-Form R2.4 (Walls) 10sqm bag

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NZ$245.00 (inc. GST)


GreenWool Roll-Form is a Wool blend containing New Zealand Sheeps Wool and up to 30% polyester. The polyester is low melt and allows the product to be bonded using heat.  This avoids the use of glues and resins which are found in traditional insulation. Choose either white virgin Wool or Grey recycled wool.  We make the product to fit your situation, so if what you are looking for is not here in our shop please contact us.

Using wool as an insulating material has many benefits and this is due to how the wool fibres are packed together. Millions of air pockets are formed which trap air and as a result ensure homes are kept warm during the winter and cool in the summer.  One of the key advantages of using wool within the home is the unique material’s breathability and capability to absorb and release moisture from the surrounding air. Wool fibres also offer good resiliency ensuring the insulation retains its thickness and in turn efficiency.  See more at benefits of Wool.

What is GreenWool Roll-Form™?

  • GreenWool Roll-Form is made up of quality scoured sheeps wool which is 100% natural and 100% kiwi.  It also contains about 30% low melt polyester

Why does it contain polyester?

  • The polyester is low melt.  Heat is used to bond the product so that it forms a consistently even thickness and density.  Our GreenWool-100%NZ product contains no polyester and is 100% white virgin Wool (for ceilings only)

What's the difference between the white and grey option?

  • White is white virgin Wool which goes from the grower to cleaning and then is blended into GreenWool-Roll Form White.  Grey uses recycled Wool.  This is wool which has been cleaned, treated and coloured by the carpet industry then not used and labelled as waste.  The wool is then carded to ensure the best fibres are used and blended into GreenWool Roll-Form Grey

Is it effective?

  • GreenWool™ insulation forms an amazingly effective thermal barrier and has proven acoustic performance. Wool has proven itself over thousands of years.  It is non-toxic, non-irritant, non-allergenic and carries no nasty odours. It is fully treated in an environmentally friendly way against insect and vermin

What are R Values? (Also known as R ratings)

  • R values allow you to compare apples with apples. The higher the number of the R value the better the insulation. The R stands for resistance. It's important to note that the thickness or depth of the product doesn't necessarily mean that it is more effective.  Density is very important and is ultimately the more important factor.  GreenWool Roll-Form is available in R-values ranging from R1.0 up to R5.0 (Above R3.2 a double layer is used to achieve the required R-value)
What you say

"Frost is not a problem anymore, the house is a warmer one. Getting going on a winter morning is so much easier. I would definitely recommend 'Green Sheep' for their great service and product."

John Miller, Tauranga

What you say
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GreenWool Roll-Form R2.4 (Walls) 10sqm bag
GreenWool Roll-Form R3.2 (Ceiling) 12sqm bag
NZ$220.25 (inc. GST)