GreenWool-100%NZ R3.2

GreenWool-100%NZ R3.2

This product must be installed by our certified installers and is only available in the Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Auckland.



Features & Benefits:

  • GreenWool-100%NZ uses premium New Zealand white virgin sheeps Wool to form an all over, blanket effect
  • GreenWool-100%NZ™ is a natural wool fibre lofted insulation that has been treated and processed to provide a cost effective efficient insulation
  • GreenWool-100%NZ™ is installed by only approved installers using a machine blowing technique that provides a full blanket effect
  • GreenWool-100%NZ™ can get into spaces that traditional blanket or batting type products can’t. So when the roof line is low or access is challenging GreenWool™ will ensure there is total cover
  • Machine installation takes advantage of wools natural bonding properties ensuring that the product maintains its loft and will not shift. This provides a superior and long lasting thermal insulating performance
  • Green Sheep® operates a strict code of practice which monitors and ensures product is installed correctly by qualified Installers. This will provide a guaranteed thermal insulation rating
  • Unlike synthetic products, the wool fibre is hollow which enables air to be trapped naturally. The finer the wool fibre is, the more fibres there are in a given weight of wool. This results in a greater volume of trapped air, hence the improved thermal efficiency. GreenWool™ is installed at thermal values ranging from R2.6 up to R5.0

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The Campaign for Wool

What is GreenWool-100%NZ™?

  • GreenWool is quality scoured sheep wool which is sourced from New Zealand wool growers. GreenWool is 100% natural, 100% kiwi and is white in colour. The wool is machine blown as a loose fill product into attic roof spaces

Is it effective?

  • GreenWool™ insulation forms an amazingly effective thermal barrier and has proven acoustic performance. Wool has proven itself over thousands of years.  It is non-toxic, non-irritant, non-allergenic and carries no nasty odours. It is fully treated in an environmentally friendly way against insect and vermin

What are R Values? (Also known as R ratings)

  • R values allow you to compare apples with apples. The higher the number of the R value the better the insulation. The R stands for resistance. It's important to note that the thickness or depth of the product doesn't necessarily mean that it is more effective.  Density is very important and is ultimately the more important factor.  GreenWool-100%NZ comes in R-values ranging from R3.2 up to R5.0

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What you say

"We would like to thank you and your incredible team, for the superb job you have done in installing our GreenWool-100%NZ insulation.
The advice you gave us about insulation was thorough and professional. The service we received was second to none – a job well by a team who were exceptionally friendly and polite and who gave us full confidence in their workmanship.  Not only do we now have a well insulated home, but the knowledge that GreenWool-100%NZ insulation is a safe, durable and sustainable product.  We would highly recommend Green Sheep® Insulation & Home Comfort to anyone who is considering improving and future proofing their home and making the most of New Zealand sourced natural resources."

Kind regards
Amanda and Ian Bell, Cambridge

What you say
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GreenWool-100%NZ R3.2
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