GreenWool-100%NZ™ Ceiling Insulation

GreenWool-100%NZ™ ceiling insulation is made from 100% genuine sheeps wool and is 100% New Zealand grown. GreenWool™ is available in either recycled coloured or white virgin.  Our Wool is not exposed to synthetic contamination of any sort and is not blended with any other synthetic fibre ensuring a totally natural product.

GreenWool ceiling insulation ensures a total cover solution.  Ask us about our 'right out to the edges guarantee'.

Green Sheep is a professional installer of ceiling insulation in Tauranga and throughout the Bay of Plenty, as well as throughout Waikato and Auckland. Get in touch today.

GreenWool-100%NZ Ceiling Insulation

GreenWool-100%NZ R3.2
GreenWool-100%NZ R4.0
GreenWool-100%NZ R4.5
GreenWool-100%NZ R5.0