Garage Door Insulation Panels

Garage Door Insulation Panels

Panels supplied standard at 1400mm x 600mm R1.8

Please read Product Description prior to purchasing

If you require custom sizes, please contact us

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NZ$30.00 (inc. GST)


  • Made of a Wool blend, rich in New Zealand Sheeps Wool and binder fibre
  • See our installation video for more info
  • Nominal 25mm thick
  • Panels are cut into 1400mm x 600mm panels as standard and deliverd by courier New Zealand wide
  • For a snug fit you trim to size for your door
  • The panels will add extra weight to your garage door and may affect the operation of the door opener.  The spring tension may need to be adjusted by a garage door expert. A good way to check if your door will be affected is to add some weight to the door and note whether the door is affected (doesn't go up).  The panels weigh about 500grams each. Please call us on 0800 88 99 77 or email us if you have any questions.

How many panels will I need to insulate my double garage door?

  • The average sectional double garage door uses 16 panels.  It's important to measure the door panels to ensure the insulation panels are larger or at least close to the size of your door panels.  You would normally need to trim the insulation panels to ensure a snug fit

What is the freight cost?

  • The cost for delivery in New Zealand (North &South Island) is a fixed fee of $5.00 ($15.00 for rural delivery) plus $1.00 per panel.  So if you order the standard 16 panels for a double garage door the freight cost would be $21.00 (or $31.00 for rural delivery)

What's the best way to attach the panels to the garage door?

  • There are many different ways.  We would suggest that the easiest way to ensure the panels stay in place is to use a spray-can adhesive. See our 'Installation video'

What is included in the purchase?

  • The insulation panels

What else do I need to install the panels?

  • A Sharp knife, adhesive, measuring tape and a bit of timber (or straight edge or a ruler) to use for getting a straight line when trimming the panels
What you say

"The garage door insulation arrived on Thursday after ordering, and took about two hours to install. There were no problems and we are very happy with the finished appearance."

John Mason, Carterton

What you say
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