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EVE LED Downlight 9W (70W) rim 125mm Ø97-110mm

EVE LED Downlight 9W (70W) rim 125mm Ø97-110mm

All our LED downlights come with transformers included

NZ$64.70 (inc. GST)


Fitting Colour: White or Silver

Rim Size: 125mm

Cut Out Size: Ø97-110mm

Max Wattage: 9W

Lumens: 700

Beam angel: 120°

Voltage: 200-265VAC

Classification: IC rated for cover & abutted

Diode Colour: Warm White 3000K or Natural white 5000K

Suitable For: Interior Use - IP44; Suitable for living areas and bathrooms

Notes: Infinity Series AC/DC Transformer|2 Pole 300mA, 32VDC

See here for installation instructions

Is Eve LED rated to the new regulations for recessed downlights?

  • Yes, Eve LED has achieved the highest thermal certification of IC-F as per amendment A of AS/NZS60598.2.2.IC-F means that the installer can Abut and Cover insulation around the luminaire without having to worry about a risk of fire

What are the dimensions of Eve LED?

  • Eve LED has an overall diameter of 115mm, a height of 62mm

What cut-out sizes will Eve LED fit into?

  • Eve LED has a recommended cut-out size of 100mm however this product has a compatible variance between 95-110mm

Can I put insulation on top of your LED light fittings?

  • Yes, any fitting marked as IC-F or IC allows for insulation to be installed on top of the fitting itself 
  • New Zealand approved insulation includes products such as GreenWool Roll-Form

Do Eve LED models sit flush with the ceiling to stop air movement?

  • Yes they do. If installed as per our instructions they will create a barrier for air movement. Eve LED models are fire rated, so they also provide an element of safety due to the reduction in the movement of a house fire into ceiling cavities

What colour is CCT?

  • CCT is an acronym for “Correlated Colour Temperature” which simply means the colour of the light that you see emitted from your downlight. Our downlights are typically either 3000K (Warm White) or 5000K (Natural White)

Warm White or Natural White?

  • It comes down to both personal preference and the application of lighting when selecting light colour. We offer two CCT options (correlated colour temperatures) to choose from being 5000K Natural White and 3000K Warm White

       o  Warm white provides a familiar look of halogen lighting in terms of colour and is great at providing an ambience to a room with a clean warm glow. Warm White is recommended for bedrooms, formal lounges, dining rooms, and any area requiring an ambience

      o  Natural white light is a highly white appearing light source that sits right in the centre between yellow and blue light but does not emit either. Natural white light is a practical light source - its clean bright appearance is good for offices, kitchens, ensuites, bathrooms, and garage areas where bright clean light is required

Do I need to change the 'bulb' of my LED fitting?

  • LED fittings feature a solid state printed circuit board with an LED array fixed to the board, and hence are non-replaceable or user serviceable

What is the lifespan of the LED modules you use in Eve LED?

  • Tests have confirmed a life expectancy exceeding 97,300 hours of diode use

What is the lifespan of your drivers?

  • Our 2014 products have a 5 year warranty on both the driver and the lamp itself. No skimping was done on the internal circuitry as only high grade/long life componentry is used. Every lamp and driver is also tested before you receive it to ensure consistent quality
  • The design life of the drivers themselves are to last about 40,000 hours if installed in accordance with operating instructions. This lifespan depends on a number of factors including temperature, humidity, placement, variability in temperature etc

Can I use my own driver with Eve LED or Eve XL?

  • No, our driver systems are specifically developed and calibrated for use with our products. Use of third party driver systems is notoriously risky and due to the variability in quality, power output, and longevity.
  • Use of a third party driver on any of our products without our permission will result in your warranty being revoked.

Will your downlights stop air from moving between the ceiling and living room?

  • All of our downlight fittings are classed as closed and abutted and create a barrier to air movement between the roof and living areas. Our downlights do not present a chimney effect that is typically presented by halogen and R80 incandescent style fittings

How does stopping the air flow into the ceiling benefit me?

  • A significant amount of heat can be lost by having open or semi-open fittings in a household or business promises. This has a knock off effect by increasing the energy cost in heating a room as a proportion of the heat is lost into the ceiling cavity. Closed fittings essentially eliminate this problem, meaning less energy to heat a room and an energy saving

I live near the sea. Will your fittings rust?

  • All of our fittings are made using high grade aluminium and are highly resistant to corrosion
  • You should not experience any adverse effect by having our fittings in your soffits/home near the sea. This is including our silver/metallic trim variation  
  • Please note that the driver units must not come into contact with liquid or salt spray at any time. This may cause premature failure of the driver unit

My ceiling height is greater than 2.4m or is on a 10 degree tilt. Are Eve LED fittings suitable for me?

  • The greater the ceiling height, the greater light dispersion that will occur. No light is ‘lost’ by having a greater ceiling height however you will gradually lose light intensity or LUX
  • This concept is similar to a flashlight, if you are close up it is very intense, but if you move away the spread of the light increases and the intensity decreases
  • With tilted ceilings, you will have a gradual loss of intensity as the height of the ceiling increases
  • Eve LED has a 120 degrees viewing angle so it is able to cater for a variety of lighting arrangements
  • Recommended maximum ceiling height is 2.7m

Do your LED modules suffer from inconsistent coloration?

  • No, we have implemented a technology called Trulight™ to ensure that each and every downlight has the same coloration (CCT) whether you buy now or in a years’ time
  • This also means that every downlight you install in your home will appear identical to the next
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EVE LED Downlight 9W (70W) rim 125mm Ø97-110mm
EVE XL LED Downlight 9.6W (100W) rim 150mm Ø122-145mm
NZ$85.50 (inc. GST)