SmartVent F7 Filter box (DCT2093/F7)

SmartVent F7 Filter box (DCT2093/F7)

This price is for supply only

NZ$99.50 (inc. GST)


  • Green Sheep only supply genuine SmartVent filters

  • SmartVent use high quality filters designed to capture dust pollens & allergens

  • With 80-90% arrestance of particles 0.4 microns in size and above.

  • The Filter cassette is held in a frame of silicon impregnated cardboard to facilitate maintenance and replacement.

Q. Is this the genuine SmartVent filter

A. Yes, the filters we supply for the SmartVent systems are the genuine filter supplied from SmartVent

Q. Is the filter easy to install? I mean would my husband find it easy to install?

A. If your husband is ok with climbing up into the roof space, opening the box system then pulling the old filter out, then sliding the new filter in and then closing the box up, then yes he would more than likely find it easy.

Q. How long does it take for me to receive the filter?

A. Please allow 3-4 working days

Q. How do I pay...Is this a secure payment system?

A. You can either pay by direct payment into the Green Sheep bank account or you can pay by credit card via PayPal.  Click on 'Buy Now' and follow the 3 step process.  Both systems are secure and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Q. Does this filter fit all SmartVent systems?

A. Check the code on the system to ensure it matches the filter code DCT2093/F7

Q. What does the purchase include?

A. The purchase includes the filter as described

Q. What will I need to carry out the installation?

A. A mask and a torch are highly recommended...also, don't forget to take the new filter up with you!

What you say

Wow! I installed the new filters today, it was so easy. It's so great to have this affordable option now...Thanks Green Sheep!

Scott Smith, Wellington

What you say
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