Filter Bag G4 (Suitable for DVS)

Filter Bag G4 (Suitable for DVS)

This price is for supply only.

NZ$49.90 (inc. GST)


  • Manufactured locally from top quality G4 Media

  • Adapted with an elasticised cuff to ensure bagged is completely sealed.

  • Available in a size that suits both the G2 and G3 models

Q. Is it easy to install?

A. Yes, out of all our filters we offer, this filter would have to be the easiest.  Simply, disconnect the power source.  Remove old bag, note that you would normally need some sharpe scissors to remove the old bag because they are quite often held on with cable ties.  The new filter bag that we send you has an elasticated lip, so there is no need for cable ties.   

What you say

Wow! I installed the new filters today, it was so easy. It's so great to have this affordable option now...Thanks Green Sheep!

Scott Smith, Wellington

What you say
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