Quality Assurance Guarantee

All of our installations are issued with our Quality Assurance certificate. This certificate is your proof of installation and lists product description and R Values. This certificate can be passed onto the next home owner.


Do you do the Governments 'Warm up New Zealand' Scheme?

The funding for this scheme has largely wound up now.  There is some funding for low income households which is targeted at families with children and high health needs.  Our pricing is very competitive. We believe every home and every home owner is special and unique.  We know that one size doesn't fit all! Contact us to find out about our service and our current specials.

Where is Green Sheep located?

Our Office is in rural Tauranga. We cover the Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Auckland regions. Our pricing is the same, no matter which area you are in.

What is GreenWool-100%NZ™?

GreenWool is quality scoured sheep wool which is sourced from New Zealand wool growers. GreenWool is 100% natural, 100% kiwi and is white in colour. The wool is machine blown as a loose fill product into attic roof spaces.

Is it effective?

GreenWool™ insulation forms an amazingly effective thermal barrier and has proven acoustic performance. Wool has proven itself over thousands of years.  It is non-toxic, non-irritant, non-allergenic and carries no nasty odours. It is fully treated in an environmentally friendly way against insect and vermin.

What are "R" Values?

(This is also known as R ratings)
R values allow you to compare apples with apples. The higher the number of the R value the better the insulation. The R stands for resistance. It's important to note that the thickness or depth of the product doesn't necessarily mean that it is more effective.  Density is ultimately the more important factor.

How does insulation work?

Insulation works by trapping air; just think of a double glazed window and the air trapped between the panes of glass. This is why it is important that the insulation is not compacted and is the right fit for your ceiling.

Do you provide underfloor insulation?

Yes, our most popular product is GreenWool Roll-Form R2.0. It is ideal for underfloor situations and is stapled to the joists so it doesn’t sag or droop.

Are your products fire resistant?

Wool has a higher fire resistance than most other insulation products. Wool will not burn but melt away from the ignition source and extinguish itself.

What happens if Wool gets wet?

Wool insulation will provide maximum insulation when it is dry. If the product does get wet, once dry it will retain the insulation value it had prior to getting wet.

What is GreenWool-Roll Form?

GreenWool-Roll Form is White virgin Sheeps Wool which has been blended with 20% polyester to form a blanket type product. It is Ideal for New Homes or already established homes with large attic space. GreenWool-Roll Form is used for ceilings, walls and underfloors. R-values range from R2.0 up to R5.0 (double layering to acheive R5.0). GreenWool-Roll Form also is available using recycled Wool.