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Understanding Insulation and Its Effects

POSTED: 10 July 2017 in Category:

Insulation is clever. It keeps the inside of your home hot or cold by providing an insulating layer between you and the outside air. Not only does it make your home warmer in winter, it also helps keep it cooler in summer. Here is how insulation works.

Air is a poor conductor of heat, so the tiny pockets of air trapped in insulation minimise the amount of heat which can pass between the inside and outside of your house.

In winter for example, any warm air you generate in your house will rise, so it will first be looking for ways to escape through your ceilings. If you have ceiling insulation, the air will start to move downwards looking for the next easiest escape route. 

Most homes have more wall space than windows so if your walls aren’t insulated, the warm air will escape here next.

Without double glazing or other thermal protection for your windows, the warm air will escape next through them. If your ceilings, walls and windows are insulated, then the underfloor become a significant area for heat loss. 

Wool insulation for the home is the ultimate choice. Not only is wool a high performance insulating fibre, it locks up carbon dioxide as it grows. It's durable, grown from a rapidly regenerating resource, and helps to reduce CO2 levels which is good for our environment.

Once all your home insulation is completed, heat pumps and other clean heating sources are great and in a well-insulated home they will run efficiently.


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