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Underfloor Insulation - Get More Heat Under Your Feet

POSTED: 09 May 2017 in Category:

Winter is knocking on the door. Trends come and go in home heating but with soaring fuel bills, cost effective energy saving measures are becoming more and more important to us. A warm welcoming home is a drawcard for potential buyers or tenants to your property but most of all it it's more comfortable for you.

You can lose between 10-15% of your home's heat through the floor so installing good quality underfloor insulation can make a big difference to how comfortable your home is. Underfloor insulation in your home acts as a thermal barrier and stops draughts helping to maintain a warm, cosy temperature. 

Investing in underfloor insulation can also make a difference to the size of your energy bills. It is one of the cheapest ways to improve your energy usage. As well as being cost effective to install, the improvements to your insulation mean you can really reduce your overall energy consumption because more heat stays in your home.

Insulation is measured in terms of ‘R’ value, which represents “Resistance to Heat”. The higher the ‘R’ value, the better the insulation. An un-insulated floor rates only R0.7. Here at Green Sheep, our most popular product is GreenWool Roll-Form R2.0. It is stapled to the joists so it doesn’t sag or drop.

Underfloor insulation will increase your floor’s R rating. The addition of our GreenWool Roll-Form R2.0 underfloor insulation will significantly raise the overall rating of your floor, increasing your home's value and attractiveness and providing much more comfort for you and your family.


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