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The Benefits of Insulation - Save Energy, Money & the Environment

POSTED: 10 June 2017 in Category:

Creating a warm, dry home in the colder months relies on a system that combines insulation, ventilation, eliminating dampness and getting heat into the home. Retrofitting homes with insulation has a number of significant benefits that should not be ignored.

Home insulation provides comfort and health benefits, saves energy, and can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Some of the main benefits for insulating your walls and loft include:

Temperature Consistency

Insulation makes it easier to control the temperature of your home year round, both keeping it warm in winter and cool in summer. Wool insulation is particularly good because it has a natural ability to entrap air and that makes it the perfect natural insulator.

Saves Money

Insulation could considerably reduce your energy bills. It will pay for itself and then keep on paying.

Reduced Condensation

A well ventilated, well-insulated room is much less likely to have problems with condensation and mould on walls and windows.

Sound Proofing

Adding insulation materials to walls, doors, and windows will absorb noise and can be very effective at improving levels of sound proofing. Natural wool insulation has particularly good sound absorbing qualities.

Sustainable and Energy Efficient

There are also important environmental co-benefits to using insulation. Wool insulation is biodegradable and recyclable and it saves non-renewable resources because less energy is need to heat your home. By reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we're contributing to our international obligations to reduce climate change. 


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