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Switch On To Energy Saving LED Lighting

POSTED: 10 July 2017 in Category:

LEDs are the most efficient and long-lasting lighting option. They should last around 15 times longer than a standard incandescent light bulb so it's no wonder LED bulbs are hailed as a wonder technology that can slash lighting costs.

Yet New Zealanders remain big buyers of old-fashioned incandescent bulbs. A 2015 survey from one bulb-maker revealed we are not always opting for the energy efficient light bulbs and are often confused by the benefits.

There are concerns among Government energy experts too. The Australian Energy Rating government website has a warning: "Not all LEDs are the same". EECA also recommend that people stick to buying bulbs from brands they trust. Eddie Thompson from EECA says: "There's a lot of fantastic product out there, and it is improving all the time."

It may help to know that today there's an LED lamp or globe for virtually every type of light, including older light fittings. LED lighting solutions are now available across all fixtures and styles.

Yes, LED lamps are more expensive to buy, but because they are much more energy efficient, they cost a lot less to run. EECA Energywise says replacing 10 conventional 100W bulbs in your home with 14W LEDs will give you the same light and save $254.26 a year in running costs.

With prices falling, and technology improving, the future looks bright for LED bulbs, in a few years’ time people won't be using any other kind of lighting and in the near future we can also expect to see energy saving LED lighting even more closely integrated with other smart technology. 


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