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Is Your Auckland Rental Home Insulated?

POSTED: 06 August 2018 in Category:

Beginning in July 2019, there will be a new requirement that Landlords will have to meet in regards to the insulation of a rental property in New Zealand. A landlord that fails to meet these obligations will be liable for a penalty of up to $4000. Wool insulation specialists Green Sheep wants you to be prepared, so if you are a landlord, see below for what we think you need to know.

Insulation Requirements

Most of us know in Auckland that a well insulated home is an efficient home. It is good business practice to protect your investment by keeping your property well maintained. The new requirements are that ceiling insulation and under floor insulation must be installed, where it is reasonably practicable, however wall insulation is not compulsory.

Getting Your Insulation Needs Assessed

There are three main ways to assess if your rental property in Auckland is insulated now. This can be done by physically looking in your ceiling cavity and under floor area, checking the council building file or by hiring a professional to do an assessment. Green Sheep recommend that you plan ahead, so visit your Auckland rental soon and assess your insulations or call us, to assess now.

Meeting Insulation Regulations

It is possible that you may not need to install more insulation or upgrade the current insulation, if it is already in good condition. It is your legal responsibility to comply with the minimum requirement of insulation for Auckland rentals that is called an R value,( the higher the R-value, the better the insulation). The R value relates to the climate zone of the rental location, please check with your local council or call us at Green Sheep today.

If you need an assessment in regards to your ceiling insulation and under floor insulation in either your Auckland home or rental, call us now on 0800 889 977. We also offer a range of specialty home insulation products designed to improve your living.


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