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Insulating your garage and garage door

POSTED: 02 September 2016 in Category:

An attached garage is an area of the home that is often overlooked when it comes to insulation, yet it can be one of the most used parts of the house. Adequately insulating your garage ceiling and your garage door will have a significant effect on making the garage a more comfortable and effective space in your home.

Why insulate your garage?

What’s the point of insulating every nook and cranny around the house just to let air seep in and out of the garage, especially since these spaces are known for fluctuating temperatures; they are sweltering in the summer and freezing in the winter. So whether the area is small or large, and whether you use it a lot or not, it’s vital to install garage insulation. It helps to prohibit air seepage, heat transfer, health threats, and most importantly, it saves on unnecessary energy costs. You may even spend more time out there once the climate has become better regulated due to proper insulating.

How can Green Sheep assist?

Green Sheep has two insulation options for your garage ceiling; our GreenWool 100% NZ Recycled Loose Wool or our GreenWool Roll-Form Recycled R3.2.

For your garage door we have a garage door insulation product that will reduce the amount of cold that comes through the door in winter and the heat that comes through in summer. This 100% NZ, recycled wool blend product can be fitted by our installers in BOP, Waikato and Auckland or can be DIY fitted by following the instruction video


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